RiverCross Farm
RiverCross Farm


RiverCross Farm is located in the rolling countryside of Eastern Canada, in a peaceful and picturesque setting, surrounded by woods and meadows.  Established in 2003, we set out to create a quality breeding and training facility for European warmblood performance horses. We began the process by travelling to Holland several times to research breeding stock. We have always been attracted to the Dutch bred horses because of their renowned good temperaments and beauty.  The modern Dutch performance horse is an athletic and willing partner for the show ring, and ideally suited to the North American amateur rider.  


We believe that each horse has a discipline to which it is temperamentally and physically particularly suited, and we seek to prepare our horses carefully in the direction for which they are most likely to perform successfully.

Passion – Dedication – Integrity


These three words encapsulate the principle and foundation of our enterprise at RiverCross Farm.


  • Passion  ~  for horses and for people


  • Dedication  ~  to the objective to breed and train horses that can be treasured and successful in the arenas for which they are best suited


  • Integrity  ~  hallmarking all that we do - being entrenched in values of honesty and trustworthiness