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Sally & Jan Philippo - Owners/Managers
Sally Philippo | foal

Over the years we have worked with a dedicated and loyal staff who share our commitment to raising and handling all our homebred horses with careful attention to their needs.  From foaling to preparing horses for the competition ring.  A high priority for us is to maintain a warm and caring atmosphere - both for people and animals.  We have been fortunate to have engaged a number of dynamic and talented trainers for the competition ring.  Over the years,  the young people who have joined us as working students have enriched our lives, and will always be considered part of our family. This is an aspect of our enterprise that adds purpose to the project: the participation and encouragement of young people who are in the midst of their own personal development.  

Sally's vision started as a small scale operation to breed and train beautiful European warmblood hunter jumper performance horses on her property in Eastern Canada. She is involved in all aspects of the farm's activities including bloodline selection and overseeing raising and training programs. Jan helps manage the two farms and lends his sage experience to help keep the properties running smoothly.


Through their breeding program and careful acquistions Sally and Jan have developed a string of show ring ready hunters, jumpers and equitation horses while also bringing along a number of quality young horses that exhibit the beauty and temperaments that will make them attractive to both professional and amateur riders.



Sally Philippo | foal
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