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Flora -1.30m 2020.jpg

RiverCross First Take - Erin. "The Rivercross horses are the most kind, well mannered, and most of all talented horses I’ve ever got the chance to work with. They are the most brave and competitive horses in the show ring! They have made me the rider I am today, and I will forever be grateful to be apart of the Rivercross family!"


RiverCross Espere - Lauren B. "Just wanted to share with you probably my favorite compliment I received on Espere. My certified saddle fitter/massage therapist said “She is so beautiful, but not just from her lovely personality and beautiful overall look, its that her conformation and movement is so correct” she said “most dressage horses especially are built with big extravagant movements, but they are incorrect. Espere moves correctly through her entire body with balance and self-carriage. She isn't just a pretty face and lovely personality”

I thought I needed to share this with you because I have received so many compliments on Espere, always that she is so beautiful, pretty, sweet, gorgeous, kind, gentle, etc. but to have a professional in biomechanics and musculoskeletal movement it was amazing to hear her say that."

RiverCross Extra.jpeg

RiverCross Extra- Owner: Charlie Ann L. "Extra is everything I was dreaming of in a horse! he is beautiful, very intelligent, gentle, kind and a great mover. Extra and I have been developing a wonderful partnership and I feel very confident when I ride him. I am so proud to be part of the RiverCross Family. Thank you Sally and Jan."

RiverCross Regent - Owner: Rhyan R.“My mother and I have both enjoyed the Rivercross horses immensely. Since the day Chester arrived at our barn we knew he was special and we have set him as the standard for any new horses we get, always trying to have more like him in our barn. Chester is a very kind horse and has a sweet personality. He is a wonderful mover and always jumps in top form. He is an all around horse and it’s hard to find others like him.” 


RiverCross Ozone - Owner:  Anna C.  "We could not be more grateful to you for breeding such an impressive horse.  Ozone is extremely intelligent, brave and full of heart.  He is a very special horse that our daughter is grateful to have in her life.  He has become a wonderful companion and an amazing partner in the show ring.  Their future is bright and we look forward to watching their continued success.


RiverCross Prospero - Owner:  Kathie N.  "So fortunate to have Rivercross Prospero as my special   horse! He fills my world with joy!"


"Prospero continues to be an absolute gentleman and we adore him!" 


Audrey Poole, RIverCross Nobility, 2018 NorCal Medal Finals Reserve Champion.jpeg
Audrey Poole and RiverCross Nobilityjpg

RiverCross Nobility -  Owner: Audrey & Lisa Poole  "Oliver has been an amazing partner for our daughter Audrey, starting their journey when they were both young and developing into an accomplished horse and rider team. Through the six years that Oliver was a part of our lives, he brought happiness to all of us and helped Audrey to develop into a confident, responsible, and grateful young person."


RiverCross Diva -  Owned by: Arianne Brabant  "Diva is the kindest horse I have ever ridden.  She has the biggest heart and simply wants to make her rider happy. Her personality has to be the greatest part; she is full of life, and such a joyful mare.  I will be forever grateful for Diva and will cherish every moment with her." 



Diva Jumping.jpg

RiverCross Windfall -  Owned by: Stephanie Desrochers

"My perfect Partner!  After ten years of being out of riding, unexpectedly, with the help and generosity of the family at RiverCross Farm, I found my dream horse.  A very powerful, yet very gentle mare. So intelligent and with a wonderful work ethic.  She never ceases to amaze me. 

Lily  always takes care of me. It is such a special feeling to be able to trust a horse so completely."



RiverCross Outpoken -  Owned by: Eliza Frankel  "Orion is amazing... he is the sweetest thing.  He gallops up to me in the pasture... it is the cutest thing - he will be at the other end and see me and run and whinny until he gets right in my face. It makes me smile every time. Orion likes everyone. He is just so sweet. Anyone who comes into contact with him says the same..."



Orion 2.jpg
Ophelia 3.jpeg

RiverCross Ophelia -  Owned by: Lucie Picard  I just want to let you know that Ophelia’ is doing great!  She is brave and quiet, intelligent and sweet.  She is in good health and progressing well. We love her!



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